Friday, 1 June 2012

We're moving!!

Sorry it has been a while, but I have been very busy doing two big moves.  Firstly, I moved my studio from my smallish and dark room to my a little larger and bright room.  I'm really happy that I did this because I was in two minds about it.  Mainly because its such a big upheaval to move all my equipment and furniture and re-wire everything.  However, it was actually quite painless!  Photos of my new space coming soon.

However, even bigger news is that I am moving my blog!  I have been very busy (hence not much communication from me recently) designing a new website and blog.  I am moving over to wordpress and will be going live in a few days.  

So please move over with me!!

Details will be coming very soon.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

The sunshine at last!

April was the wettest and coldest month in the UK since records began. However, this weekend has been glorious and I took the chance to go and see the stunning azalea flowers in the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park today. People from all over come to see these flowers in bloom since it is well known that it produces a truly amazing display of colour.

These are some of the photos I took today. I would love to know what the plant in the last photo is called. They are gigantic when fully grown.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Bride, wife, daughter

I spoke in my previous post about how I had a request from someone who is getting married soon.  She had some words that mean a lot to her and wanted to create a papercut using these words.  We worked together to get a basis for the design and we created a design that she loved.  I got curious and asked her why she had chosen these words. Her story is really quite incredible (and made me go all soft!) and she doesn't mind me sharing it here.  In her words:

"I'm getting married on 1st September and a lot of wedding stuff seems to be about the loss of the bride - my father "giving me away".... The bride traditionally leaving her name behind... The saying that it's the first day of the rest of our lives as though the past is wiped off the slate. My parents are my world and I'm really close to them both. I go to music gigs with my Daddy, share recipes with him, swap rubbish tv programmes we love, we both add weird and wonderful chili peppers to ANYTHING we cook and he's always got time for me with a problem big or small. My Mummy is extraordinary in lots of ways - she's always helping friends or doing charity work but my brother and I are always her priority. We speak every day and every Monday since I left home for university a decade ago she's sent me a card. She looks out for greeting cards or artwork I'd love and every one is topical to something going on in my life, a conversation we've had etc.  Sometimes it contains a general update, sometimes her plans for her week, sometimes it's a news snipping she thought I'd like, but it's always a reminder of her love.

I really wanted to give them something to act as a reminder that whatever else I may be, I will always always be their daughter first and foremost. With my mother's cards (I've kept them all!) I knew it could be nothing else but something made of paper. I love papercuts because the words are all individually distinct, and yet none of them can stand totally alone, the sheet of paper would just be in bits. I'm super lucky that my fiance loves my family almost as much as I do - we're actually both changing our names to have both surnames as we really see our marriage as bringing all our existing family into one big family!"

When she received the papercut her words were equally tear jerky!

"My paper cut just arrived and it is so beautiful, everything I had hoped for and so much more too. Thank you so so much, I had happy tears just opening it, can't wait to give it to my parents.

Thank you again!"

This is the final design.  Thanks so much for letting me share your story!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Shakespeare and personalised design!

In honour of Shakespeares birthday, I would like to share my design that uses a quote written by him: 'The blessedness of being little'.  I have used this quote on a couple of designs and have also created a bespoke design for someone who runs a business as a dog walker for small dogs.

Moms, Devon and Shakespeare

Oh dear, its been a while since I last wrote.  Sorry!  It has been a full-on month. There was UK Mothers Day in March which happily bought in many orders for our designs made especially to celebrate this day. 

Then there was Easter. We decided very last minute to go away for a few days to North Devon. This area is very beautiful with stunning scenery and long soft sand beaches.  So we booked our cottage in the village of Woolacoombe.  It is located right on the coast, with beautiful views of the sea and Lundy island in the distance.  

The day we booked our cottage we had already experienced two weeks of glorious sunny hot days. The day we left for our little break, the weather turned (the British weather didn't let us down!) and we experienced cold howling winds and even sleet one day. It wasn't all bad and we managed to spend some time on the beach, building sand castles (still lots of fun) and the kids did a bit of body boarding.  Can you see my mum in the one of the photos? (She's the one with winter coat, hat and scarf trying to keep warm!)

Mothers Day for the rest of the world is coming up (May 13th) and I am having another busy surge with orders. I have adapted one of my designs using 'Mom' instead of 'Mum' (a picture of it is below) and am busily creating a totally new design for someone.  I will write about this once it's finished.  

I also have a wonderful new design that has been a special request from a lady getting married.  Her story behind her chosen words are really heart warming and I will be sharing this with you soon.

Lots more to write about, but will do that in a few days!

Did you know it's Shakespeares birthday today?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Special Request

Lovely Mary got in touch requesting a papercut picture for her daughter's 14th birthday.  She really loved Live Love Laugh words but wanted to expand on it and adapt the design.  After a quick chat, we came up with a plan.  Her daughter's favourite colour is blue, so I cut the design from a lovely shade of blue card.  Here is the result.

Friday, 23 March 2012


I love it!  Our magnolia tree is looking gorgeous.  Our camilla's are looking good too, but I think are suffering from the drought!  Sharing a couple of photos of our 'city' garden.