Monday, 23 April 2012

Moms, Devon and Shakespeare

Oh dear, its been a while since I last wrote.  Sorry!  It has been a full-on month. There was UK Mothers Day in March which happily bought in many orders for our designs made especially to celebrate this day. 

Then there was Easter. We decided very last minute to go away for a few days to North Devon. This area is very beautiful with stunning scenery and long soft sand beaches.  So we booked our cottage in the village of Woolacoombe.  It is located right on the coast, with beautiful views of the sea and Lundy island in the distance.  

The day we booked our cottage we had already experienced two weeks of glorious sunny hot days. The day we left for our little break, the weather turned (the British weather didn't let us down!) and we experienced cold howling winds and even sleet one day. It wasn't all bad and we managed to spend some time on the beach, building sand castles (still lots of fun) and the kids did a bit of body boarding.  Can you see my mum in the one of the photos? (She's the one with winter coat, hat and scarf trying to keep warm!)

Mothers Day for the rest of the world is coming up (May 13th) and I am having another busy surge with orders. I have adapted one of my designs using 'Mom' instead of 'Mum' (a picture of it is below) and am busily creating a totally new design for someone.  I will write about this once it's finished.  

I also have a wonderful new design that has been a special request from a lady getting married.  Her story behind her chosen words are really heart warming and I will be sharing this with you soon.

Lots more to write about, but will do that in a few days!

Did you know it's Shakespeares birthday today?


  1. Hi Kashmira,

    Came across your blog as i was googling today. I was thrilled to see your wonderful work. Its just amazing. I wish you success in your future endeavors...


    1. Hi Neelu - lovely to hear from you and thanks for your lovely words. Please become a follower if you'd like to read about my future pursuits! All the best Kashmira